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Currently out of 874 HIV positive cases detected in the country Lhak-Sam has 250 members of which 57% comprises of female. The number of children living with HIV has reach at 40. The members are those who are actively involved with Lhak-Sam for treatment, care and support. They are also beneficiaries of Lhak-Sam’s social support, counselling and trainings. Lhak-Sam is sub recipient of Global Fund mainly to carry out prevention activities, treatment and support for people living with HIV.

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Number of HIV cases detected as of June 2022

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Children Living with HIV with Lhak-Sam

Total HIV case as per UNAIDS estimate

We told the king we had HIV

BBC magazine news, July 2015

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This is just to send our sincere appreciation for yesterday’s advocacy program conducted at our Center. Please convey our message of appreciation to your ED Wangda Dorji Sir who is an inspiration to all of us. Seriously, you have the right team for a such program that demands a typical skill of presentation.

Being a large construction Company with more than five hundred employees, we are also equally concerned about the spread of HIV and AIDS in the community. As a matter of fact, there is nothing we can do but educate and create awareness amongst ourselves, which, indeed, is the most effective and easiest way to prevent this disease from spreading. Therefore, we join Lhak-Sam in spreading the message as our contribution to this cause.

Director, Vajra Construction and Service Center (VCSC) Ramtokto, Thimphu, Bhutan

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