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Lhak-Sam Mandate

Lhak-Sam (BNP+) is the first and only network of HIV positive people formed in 2010, to address the needs of PLHIV for mutual support, solidarity, and networking in Bhutan. Lhak-Sam provides leadership, education and capacity building for creating an environment free from stigma and discrimination wherein all PLHIV and affected family members have meaningful livelihood...

Current Project

Reducing the impact of HIV on men who have sex with men and trangender populations in South Asia Lhak-Sam became the Sub Recipient of the Global Fund Multi South Asia Phase II, given the current HIV situation in the South Asia region, it is widely recognized among a number of key the stakeholders that it is increasingly important for the region to approach the epidemic in a coordinated manner..

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Please make donation Lhak-Sam is a non-for-profit organization with its main funding from the International donors till date. Lhak-sam envisages that the HIV/AIDS related disease reverse its epidemic through continued effort of adovacy, networking, education, care and support and effective treatment for PLHIV, key affected populations and communities in general...

Testimonials (Be Positive)

Be Positive is a collection of stories of the positive people who accepted their status with courage and dignity and decided to live their lives meaningful. It is about their experiences through life journey, an inspiration and motivation that educate and serve as a model to others like them across generations.

News and Events

World AIDS Day 2015, December 1 The upcoming event of the World AIDS Day (WAD) will be observed in Thimphu at Clock tower. This years WAD is expected to be great event with dozens of activities including entertainment, dissemination of information and education and awareness.