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Our Team

Currently, Lhak-Sam has 18 staff including employees at the head office, regional coordinators, and the management team at the community-based care center at Genekha. They work in respective departments of Program and Project Management, Outreach and Referral Services, Finance, Research, and Resource Mobilization. Employees come from diverse backgrounds with people living with HIV, LGBT, and general people with qualification levels from Masters Degrees to uneducated ones. The staff have been well nurtured and built their professional capacities in their respective fields over the past 10 years. As per the organizations mandate, Lhak-Sam staff play a vital role in the key areas of HIV intervention;

  • HIV prevention – reaching out to the public with awareness and education on HIV at the national level. This not only educates general population on HIV but also significantly reduces stigma and discrimination.
  • Delivery of services in treatment, care, and support. This plays a vital role in and reaching out to disadvantaged PLHIVs with moral and psychological support. Without the effort of staff, most of the PLHIVs will be laid out unable to meet even their basic amenities. Moreover, PLHIVs will not be avail to avail services like hospital referrals and peer psychosocial support which might ultimately increase mortality rate due to AIDS.

Staffs profile

Wangda Dorji

Executive Director

Dhan Raj Rai

Program Manager

Tshering Wangmo

Finance Manager

Sangay Wangmo

Accounts Manager

Tshering Gyeltshen

Outreach Coordinator

Sonam Dendup

Asst. Program Manager

Dechen Mo

Outreach Worker



Deoki Kharka

Regional Coordinator

Kezang Thinley

Resource Manager

Sonam Zangmo


Ugyen Lhendup


Sangay Chezom