Laptop donation

Mr. Yee Liang, we are so grateful to you for your generosity in kindly contributing to us 4 number of brand-new Dell Laptops and 22 packets of surgical face masks. Such understanding, empathy, and support like yours have in many ways aided us to sustain response and demonstrate resilience in combating and mitigating the AIDS epidemic in Bhutan. We will make use of your contribution in the most meaningful manner given to us from your heart. We pray for your good health, wellbeing, and further prosperity.
Mr. Yee Liang based in Kathmandu, is a famous Chinese travel writer and cultural scholar of South Asia, a researcher at Sichuan University and Sichuan Normal University, the co-founder of the Himalayan Light Art Foundation, and a Chinese partner of the Kathmandu Triennial.
Mr. Yee participated in restoring the world cultural heritage in Nepal after the earthquake and is recognized by the United Nations. His team also operates high-end tourism.
On the other hand, we must not forget to extend our gratitude to Mr. Jinghao Zhang (who works as an investment director specialized in international trade with oversea clients in China) for his coordination and reaching out Mr. Yee Ling’s support to Lhak-Sam.
Thank you once again for your wonderful gifts.