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Every cent counts, and no amount is too small. We can end AIDs epidemic, but only with your ongoing support

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When it comes to making donations, the majority find it difficult to let go off a penny, whatever the cause.  Around the globe, 1.5 million get infected with HIV, and half a million die of AIDS. You, me and family – we never know, if we belong to one of them, today or tomorrow.

Donations, in other words, means let’s combat HIV & AIDS epidemic together. Collectively, we can end HIV epidemic. It is not impossible. If someone makes a donation, we feel proud of them, and view them as person with character, compassion and integrity.

We have various channels for making donations;

  1. Bank transfer via account number
    1. BoB: A/C no.
    2. BNB A/C no
    3. BDBL A/C no
    4. TBank A/C no
    5. PNB A/C no
  2. Through MBoB direct transfer
    1. MBoB—-> Fund Transfer —> Donation —> Select Payee —> Lhak-Sam
  3. Through Voluntary contribution using Standing Instruction Form
    1. Fill up the following form and submit to us. We will contact you shortly.
  4. Donation of goods (new & second hand), equipment, and Materials.
    1. Our 250-member beneficiaries constantly require basic necessities for survival. This includes grocery items such as rice, oil, vegetable supplies, etc.,
    2. Garments and cloths that are kept to be disposed of can be donated.
    3.  Construction materials for our Ganeykha community care construction
    4. Office stationeries and any other big or small donation. 
  5. If you come to donate even a needle, we will be proud of you.  


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