Financial Summary

Lhak-Sam is committed for a cause and the roles that we play are crucial in containing the HIV epidemic and reducing its associated negative impacts. However in 2013 and 2014, similar to other organizations including the government, Lhak-Sam experienced a sharp drop in external funding support. It was only through the kind support of GFATM and the recommendation of the MoH that support for overhead cost could be made available. The limited funds provided through the Transitional Funding Mechanism (TFM), from 2013 to 2015 have enabled Lhak-Sam to function and carry out its mandates.

From June 2015 until 2017, Lhak-Sam is expected to receive some funds from the GFATM, the joint country proposal has already been submitted through the Bhutan Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), and is currently under the process of approval by the Global Fund. It will closely work with the Ministry of Health of Bhutan who will be the principal recipient of the fund. Despite this assistances substantial amount of funding gap is expected considering the key strategic objectives laid down in the 1st Strategic Plan of Lhak-Sam (2014-2018).

Having learned the lessons from the past experiences, Lhak-Sam will try to look for a technical assistance from our partners and volunteers for developing project proposal and fund raising plans on 2015. We will also focus our work on advocacy for domestic financing mechanism while more time will be spent in community mobilization, solidarity and support.