Strategic Information

Strategic Information

Research information to fight better against HIV & AIDS

A participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E;) plan was scheduled to be developed with support from UNAIDS in the first quarter of 2011, including an M&E; system strengthening tool (MESST).

However this could not be developed due to financial and technical constraints. Tentatively the M&E; system is wholly incorporated into all aspects of Lhak-sam programs and activities. It was overseen by the Program Officer who (subject to funding) was assisted by an M&E; Officer. It is proposed that a total of up to 7% of project funds would be allocated to the proposed for M&E; activities. The M&E; activities were based on routine data collection, quality assurance activities, needs assessment, evaluation reports and baseline surveys to measure impact. Reports were submitted on a quarterly basis. The Program Officer was responsible for preparing the reporting forms in consultation with the accounts unit and this was then presented to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which was approved for submission to our donors.

In addition annual reports, including financial and audit reports was submitted for verification. The progress of the activities was also measured by letting the donors participate while carrying out activities, including meetings, training workshops, networking, advocacy and our annual review meeting.

Baseline survey and need assessment (funded by UNDP PAF) the study was conducted among 74 PLHIV (34 male & 40 female) in 17 districts to understand the circumstances and growing needs of Bhutanese people living with HIV and AIDS. The tender was floated in Business Bhutan with ToR in May 2011. Among the others Roots Consultancy formally showed expression of interest and devotion to conduct the study. After some negotiation, the contract agreement was signed on June 25, 2011 and we received the final report of the study in December 2011. The study workers were all members of Lhak-Sam trained on data collection before going into the field. The study had enabled Lhak-Sam to understand the issues faced by PLHIV in the districts and how to address those issues. A copy of the final study report has been distributed to UNDP, UNAIDS and Lhak-Sam’s Board of Directors.