An incredible progress is being made in building the capacity and empowering people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their children. The journey starts with a comprehensive five-day workshop that focuses on HIV and AIDS treatment literacy. Participants gain valuable knowledge about viral hepatitis, STIs, Pep smear test, and the importance of condom use, lubricants, contraceptives, and basic counseling skills. They also learn about their rights and responsibilities in comparison to the general population. Additionally, the workshop highlights the significance of nutrition and its impact on health and well-being. This knowledge empowers individuals to make informed choices about their diet, preventing co-infections and other illnesses. Acquiring this essential knowledge is crucial steps toward self-empowerment; as it enables individuals begin taking ownership of their health and well-being, only then those with compassion and empathy can meaningfully help and assist others lacking behind to live a healthy life.

The program has a profound impact on the lives of children affected by HIV and AIDS. Peer-professional support helps them understand their own HIV status and that of their parents. Although it can be a painful and emotional process, this knowledge leads to increased love, care, and support between children and their parents as they come to terms with the reality.

Recognizing the necessity, the key individuals from the community-led organizations and networks of KAPs in the country have also been trained in advance on the comprehensive HIV treatment literacy knowledge. It enables them to lead a safer and healthy life and help increase their reach to the marginalized and at risk communities with essential information and linkage/referral services.  

The workshop brings together participants from various districts and backgrounds to discuss social, health, economic, policy, and legal issues. By creating a safe space for dialogue, the program encourages participants to find solutions to challenges like social stigma, discrimination and access to services. Apart from knowledge gained, the workshop significantly reduces fear and social isolation, promoting peace and relaxation through peer-sharing. It also boosts confidence, strengthens relationships, and empowers individuals to embrace life.

Where appropriate and necessary the key members of the PLHIV and their children are involved and engaged in various significant plans, programs, workshops and events to build their capacity and empower fostering leadership, and meaningful involvement of PLHIV in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Furthermore, the program focuses on enhancing the necessary capacity and skills of our employees crucial for an effective management of the organization in carrying out its mission and achieving its objectives. This development ensures the smooth operation of day-to-day functions of the organization and empowers engagement in decision-making processes, take on leadership roles, and participate in community-led initiatives for self-reliance and resilience. These capacities enable the organization to be efficient and effective in its response to HIV and AIDS.