The needs of an individual undergo unfortunate changes right after an HIV diagnosis. Regrettably, this reality often remains beyond the comprehension of many, including family members, healthcare providers, program planners, and policymakers.

We extend our sincere care in various forms to all individuals living with HIV (PLHIV) and their children, without any distinction, offering our utmost love and compassion. Our aim is to enhance their quality of life, empower them to lead meaningful livelihoods, and prevent HIV. However, we acknowledge that not everyone requires support in the form of financial or material assistance, as some individuals are self-sufficient. Therefore, we direct our support towards those who genuinely deserve and require it the most, within the organizational capacity.

The care and support we provide to disadvantaged PLHIV and their children manifest in various ways. These individuals confront multiple challenges stemming from generational poverty, limited education, lack of livelihood opportunities, and the additional burden of living with HIV. Some may also grapple with substance abuse and alcohol dependency, hindering their capacity to lead fulfilling lives and make personal progress.

Through our travel support program, individuals gain access to essential treatment and counseling services, facilitating regular monitoring of their health outcomes and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We also maintain consistent communication through monthly follow-up calls, accompanying them to medical services, and extending assistance during hospital stays. These efforts cultivate a profound sense of being cared for and supported, empowering them to stride ahead with strength.

Furthermore, our education support program ensures that HIV-infected and affected children (those with HIV-positive parents) can attend school like any other children. By alleviating the financial burden of acquiring necessary school items and facilitating their education, we strive to alleviate the challenges faced by their parents.

Additionally, we provide nutritional supplements to those who require them, greatly boosting their immune systems and enhancing their overall health. For struggling families, we offer rations to help sustain their daily meals. On rare occasions and when necessary, we also provide social support such as eyeglasses, diapers, kitchen utensils, clothing, sleeping materials, etc., when deemed essential, greatly benefiting them.

In the unfortunate event of a passing, regardless of the cause, our organization endeavors to support the affected families. We provide a modest amount of assistance to help them recharge their phones and inform other family members of the situation. This support enables them to purchase groceries and offer tea and snacks to visiting neighbors. Additionally, it aids them in arranging for religious individuals to recite prayers and perform rituals as an expression of support and solace.

At Lhak-Sam, our dedication remains unwavering in providing care and support to PLHIV and their children. Collectively, we endeavor to make a positive impact on their lives, foster a sense of belonging, and promote overall well-being.