We work towards ending HIV/AIDs epidemic in the country and the region

We aspire for every individual in the country to be well-informed of and educated on HIV so that we enjoy HIV/AIDS free society

People’s support and solidarity is of paramount importance to achieve HIV free society

Stigma and prejudice are the key barriers in combatting HIV/AIDs

Advocacy and awareness

200,000 people reached with HIV awraness session

Treatment Literacy

55 sessions training more than 150 members

Outreach & Refferrals

12 -15 members referred to hospital on a daily basis

Social and Moral Support

70 members benefit via cash and rations support yearly


We Are Here For You

Looking through lenses of compassion and sleepless nights for every individual’s welfare is ingrained in our hearts.

Currently out of 815 HIV positive cases detected in the country Lhak-Sam has 219 members of which 57% comprises of female. The number of children living with HIV has reach at 40. The members are those who are actively involved with Lhak-Sam for treatment, care and support. They are also beneficiaries of Lhak-Sam’s social support, counselling and trainings. Lhak-Sam is sub recipient of Global Fund mainly to carry out prevention activities, treatment and support for people living with HIV.

The royal decree

numbers at a glance

Number of HIV cases detected as of June 2022

Number of PLHIV registered with Lhak-Sam

Children Living with HIV with Lhak-Sam

Total HIV case as per UNAIDS estimate

News & Announcements

Request for advocacy

Request for advocacy

Anyone can now request for HIV advocacy program. Online registration is been developed for this purpose.
Please fill up this form to request for HIV advocacy session

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Together we can end HIV/AIDS epidemic

We told the king we had HIV

BBC magazine news, July 2015

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