Lhak - Sam (BNP+)

Network of People Living With HIV & AIDS in Bhutan

The year 2017 marks Lhak-Sam’s seven years of commitment and successful contribution to the goals of health, wellbeing, equity, compassion and happiness to the nation and in the region. Recognizing its work, His Majesty the King, awarded Lhak-Sam (altruism) with the National Order of Merit in GOLD in 2016. In 2004 His Majesty the Fourth King issued an edict which called for people’s compassion, shared concern and joint responsibilities.  It was further cohered by His Holiness the Je-Khenpo (Chief Abbot) and Her Majesty the Queen Mother Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck when five members of Lhak-Sam publicly disclosed their HIV status in 2011. The initiatives that we have been taking have become well known in the community for bringing the grassroots issues to the centre of discussions, including among the policy makers.

In the past, positive people were completely isolated and dependent entirely on few health workers to discuss their problems. Prejudice and discrimination was high and being a small country and population, nearly everybody knew each other, which makes knowing and disclosing ones HIV status a fearful thing.


Help us fight against HIV…


Help us fight against HIV & AIDS epidemic in Bhutan, Its everyone's fight

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Knowing your HIV & AIDS status is the first blow against HIV & AIDS, get tested today

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Take a step ahead and volunteer for Lhak-Sam to fight for the cause

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UNAIDS has made estimation of 1000-1100 Bhutanese living with HIV & AIDS in Bhutan out of which only 627 Bhutanese has been detected.

Lhak-Sam (BNP+) has been constantly making an effort to bridge the gap of unknown HIV & AIDS status among Bhutanese society. In 2018, 57 new cases of HIV has been detected in Bhutan, increasing the national HIV & AIDS count from 570 to 627. This 8% increase in the population of 700,000 is a major concern and unidentified cases could trigger rapid increase in the population of people living with HIV & AIDS in Bhutan.


We are community-inspired and dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals and diverse communities.

Advocacy & Awareness

Initiate public forum and social media channel to disseminate information on HIV & AIDS in Bhutan

LGBT Community forum

Provide a platform for LGBT community to discuss on social issues & information on HIV & AIDS

Reduce stigma and discrimination

The foremost barriers to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support

Lhak-Sam Community Center

Community center at Genekha established by Lhak-Sam to provide PLHIV families to sustain healthy living

Increase access to resources

Iimprove HIV/AIDS health information use and access

Leadership & Empowerment

Provide proper education, leadership and self-sustaining initiatives for individual & families


Lhak-Sam (BNP+) stands to stop the spread of HIV in Bhutan by 2030. Join Lhak-Sam in spreading awareness among your friends and families. We aim to stop the HIV & AIDS epidemic in Bhutan by 2030 by enabling proper medical and social welfare for people living with HIV & AIDS in Bhutan. Encouraging isolated HIV infected individual to overcome fear of stigma and discrimination and provide access to proper counseling as well as medical care.


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Our unique approach has help us in clarifying our thoughts on putting things in perspective towards creating a world where everyone can live in grace and dignity.


Living with HIV personal stories and experiences


The tremendous success of elimination efforts over recent years reflects the close partnership that continues to exist