HIV advocacy

Reason behind people not coming forward to test for HIV:
1. Although, stigma and discrimination has gone down over the years, people still fear HIV – fear of early death, fear of society’s negative perception, fear of confidentiality, and many more..
2. HIV infection doesn’t show symptoms even after more than half a decade. This puts someone infected into a comfort zone, which is why many gets detected at a later stage. This is also main reason behind increase in HIV spread.
3. Government has put in all effort to voluntary testing, yet people do not come forward to get tested. Many has encouraged mandatory testing; hasn’t it been for violation of fundamental rights.
We appreciate your cooperation and giving significance to our awareness program to the following offices in Thimphu –
Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals Corporation Limited
Hotel Kisa
choki Traditional Art School
Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation Limited
Phendhey Tours and Treks
Bhutanese Legal Solution